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Upcoming Multiplier Events in Covilha (PT), Split (HR) and Kumanovo (MK) on 11/12/2020! CSB flies!

From November it started the last phase of CULTURAL STUDIES IN BUSINESS project characterised by the finalisation of the two outputs, the proposed CSB Curriculum at Master Degree level and the Scientific Journal and by the second big series of Multiplier Events.

After the 2 Multiplier Events in a month organized by the Wisdom University College of Tirana (Albania, this month of December, the University of Beira Interior (Portugal), the University of Split, Faculty of Economic, Business and Tourism (Croatia) and Eurocollege of Kumanovo (North Republic of Macedonia) decided to unite their energies and realise the Multiplier Events the same day, on 11/12/2020 which will be than a very important celebration of all the results of our strategic partnership.

We start publishing today the poster and the agenda of the event in Covilha with the participation of our General Coordinator, Prof. Maria Cristina Marchetti and of Prof. Ivana Bilic, representing the Croatian partner, University of Split.

21 speakers in a day will explore the topic of CULTURAL STUDIES IN BUSINESS.

Prof. Luìs Moreira Pinto, Team Leader of UBI University invited colleagues of the same UBI university and enlarged the panel inviting representatives of other universities in Portugal, from the business sector (especially the real estate sector), from important research centers of the Country working at international level and outstanding Professors of universities in Poland (University of Lodz) and in Turkey (ISPARTA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES).

The main goal of a Multiplier Event is to mainstream and reach new beneficiaries and stakeholders. Partners of an established consortium which are working together for some years spread results and outcomes of the project they are living as colleagues of different Countries representing different institutions and "go out of the box" to enlarge the debate and the audience. CSB Project realised 3 connected Intellectual Outputs which have to be discovered, communicated and verified in their transferability, usability and efficacy in other contexts where is also possible a further development.

That's why the Multiplier Event in Portugal is titled "Cultural Studies in Business. A new Perspective for Universities in Europe".

We are in a moment of change in all Europe. We will remember the year 2020 for many things and our project always tried to contribute to this process, between the actual Erasmus Plus Program and the new one, between COVID pandemic and new perspectives after this strange and difficult period.

Follow us on our blog and on the facebook page , especially these days where we will publish all about the upcoming events in the 3 universities in network!

Here below the international program

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