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Viviana Varese opens Viva, the new projects by Ritu Dalmia and Analjit Singh

Updated: May 5, 2020

A summary of the article written by Vincenzo Chierchia on Sole 24 Ore about The Indian giant is expanding investments in Italy on chefs after Alajmo: the La Querce College of Florence has been taken over. A new idea of entrepreneurship in the food industry to return on the origin of taste and to live the cooking in a sense of respect and gratitude.

Last night in Milan, at Eataly, the official presentation of the new food and wine creation by chef Viviana Varese, awarded with a Michelin star. Contemporary as hybridization. Belonging as recognition.

Viviana's cuisine will change based on seasonality, precisely because the earth is "alive". «It is the land that chooses and decides. We follow his mood and his power with respect, joy and gratitude »says the chef who together with Claudio Mori has developed two greenhouses and two biological fields in the South Park of Milan as his experimental garden, where ancient and rare seeds grow beyond the normal organic seeds. In the kitchen of Viviana the strong presence of Slow Food presidia continues, which will give a greater guarantee on products, healthy, fair and clean, a note emphasizes.

The Viva operation is headed by the company "Alicette" - which has managed the Alice restaurant at Eataly so far - which in 2018 has developed a turnover of 3.5 million euros. Now the second phase of development is unfolding, in agreement with the Indian chef Ritu Dalmia. The Riga Food company - which reports to Dalmia and Indian magnate Analjit Singh - recently took over 20% of Alicette. Meanwhile Viviana Varese and Ritu Dalmia - who manages the Cittamani restaurant in Milan - opened the Spica restaurant, in the Porta Venezia area of ​​Milan, featuring a menu divided into four ever-changing macro-geographical areas, with dishes designed to be shared. , proposed as tastings or as main courses.

Source: Il Sole 24 ore

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