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Welcome speech of the Rector of Wisdom University College of Tirana, Mr Lush Perpali, on 24/11/2020

In occasion of the 3rd Multiplier Event organised by the Albania partner as a big two-days international multi-sectorial conference, the Rector gave an important and positive welcome speech to authorities and key note speakers present from all over the world.

"Dear participants, professors, researchers, guests, colleagues,

Good morning and welcome.

First of all, I would like to say that the range of areas that are envisaged to be addressed in this conference is very wide and diverse because the conference title is broad and affects all of us belonging to the academic world “The Perspective of Universities” which is seen in many aspects.

Secondly, we can undoubtedly call this endeavour a very ambitious undertaking.

The courage to organize this event is strongly appreciated. It would be enough to mention the conditions in which this conference is being held; Albania and the whole world is seriously threatened by covid-19. As it is noticed all the measure are taken to be protected by Covid 10 and all the safety protocol is followed accordingly.

Therefore, it is time to evaluate the work of the organizers and all contributors, but also the researchers for the initiative and courage shown to contribute in these difficult conditions in various fields of science. We have here today researchers, not only from the academic staff of our university college but also from other institutions of higher education, schools, public or private institutions, stakeholders, people of the business world, etc.

Addressing areas such as cultural studies, education, law, psychology, business, marketing, human rights, etc., which will be presented here, will address the above mentioned areas by focusing on the subject from different perspectives but related to the purpose of this conference, which regards the universities in Albania and the perspective towards European standards. Also the perspective of universities in today's conditions, based on the European experience but also the Albanian one, highlighting achievements and problems that will serve to the advancement of higher education in our country. Undoubtedly, the contributors will bring valuable conclusions which will serve us in the learning process, in the enrichment of curricula, lectures, textbooks, teaching practices, etc.

In fact, this is the key set as a target in the title of this important scientific activity.

I recall here the valuable contributions to the international conference "Cultural Studies in Business ...", held at our university college on May 9, 2019, in collaboration with our national and international partners, where, among other things, the curriculum was enriched by introduced a new subject titled “ Cultural Studies in Business”.

I am convinced that in your works the vision from the conclusions of the studies in “Cultural Studies in Business” elective course will exceed the expectations of the year 2020 in the coming academic years. Having appreciated your contributions in advance, I am closing this short speech by wishing success to this international conference and to each of you, despite the specific conditions in which this activity is being held.

Thank you for the attention you show wherever you are follow such activities.

Prof. Lush PERPALI, Rector of WUC of Tirana

Speech translated by Mrs Lediana Beshaj, Executive Director of Research and Development Institute Wisdom of Tirana (Albania), Team Leader on behalf of "Cultural Studies in Business"Erasmus Plus K203 Project

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